How to use it

Our product is 100% natural meaning that you need to give it a little “push” to get the most out of it.

Squeeze the bag firmly! By doing this you will break up the mugwort leaves and petals contained inside, liberating their essential and amazingly scented essential oils.

Use the purposefully punctured eyelet to hang the sachet on your coat hangers or maybe put them into a drawer / storage space or again in your car or a small room to scent them beautifully without the use of dangerous chemicals.


Use it to scent the car gently


Refresh your home drawers


Perfumes the wardrobe and clothes


Give your bag a delicate fragrance

The product

“Nature in the palm of your hand” is not only our slogan, but our mission as well and especially the way we move forward with our business. Our sachets are filled with pure mugwort leaves and flowers directly harvested in Italy, of the utmost quality.