The origin

At the end of the nineteenth century, lavender cultivation was one of the main economic activities on the Riviera dei Fiori.

Following the two world wars and the subsequent Italian economic boom, the practice fell into disuse and much of the land was converted to other, apparently more profitable, activities – floriculture and non-floriculture.

Lavender continued to flower spontaneously for decades without anyone making a real business out of it.

At Diemme Fiori, we wanted to revive this typical local crop, so that, in addition to marketable finished products, it could also be an opportunity for the socio-economic fabric of the area.

As a company that makes innovation one of its strong points, we have invested in research and development to bring products from a traced and eco-sustainable supply chain with unique characteristics and unmistakable quality to the international market.

Idea and development

The initial idea was to make hand-filled organza bags from lavender processing residues. The business soon took off, but production capacity was limited.

The market opportunities were still to be discovered, but the cornerstone on which Diemme Fiori rests is the company’s vision: quality always pays off.

So, we commissioned studies and laboratory analyses from entomologists, agronomists and materials experts. We hired product designers and expert lavender mixers.

We have invested in the mechanisation of production processes in order to increase their capacity, while paying attention to the needs of our workers. We have helped our partners and suppliers to equip themselves with new technologies and we ourselves continue investing in the continuous development of the safety and efficiency of the supply chain and production plant.

The result: home fragrance, the scent of nature in the palm of your hand.

Diemme Fiori has established contacts with some of the most important retail companies globally. The reception in Northern Europe and the United States has confirmed the uniqueness and value of the personalized service offered by Diemme Fiori, marking a significant advancement for the company in the international market.


“Diemme Fiori’s dedication to sustainability is evident at every stage of its production process. From lavender fields, cultivated without the use of pesticides or herbicides through mechanical weeding methods, to advanced sterilization and sealing techniques that ensure the quality and safety of the final product. Each lavender field is carefully mapped, and Diemme Fiori maintains direct relationships with farmers to ensure that the raw materials meet the company’s high standards.

The expansion of Diemme Fiori’s product assortment has led to the creation of the ‘L’Essenziale’ line: composed of compostable scented sachets and 99% natural sprays, available in lavender, mint, wormwood, and verbena fragrances, as well as dried lavender bouquets.


Compostable products and sustainable production methods.

TUV Austria (S1351)

Seedling (7H0180)

Radio wave sanitization

Product range

The uniqueness of Diemme Fiori products stems from their origin in the flower supply chain, used to create essences and fragrances available in innovative formats such as compostable sachets and gas-free natural sprays. These products are used in various contexts, from scenting clothes and sports bags, to freshening wardrobes, drawers, cars, and small spaces, reflecting the company’s desire to spread the scent of nature everywhere.

Cross-category approach

Diemme Fiori has developed an innovative display solution for the retail sector, designing attractive and functional setups that enhance the shopping experience and stimulate sales through the integration of flowers and fragrances. This display proposal also adapts to seasonality, allowing retailers to customize the layout of their sales points according to specific needs, such as for special events or seasonal promotions, thus demonstrating the versatility and adaptability of Diemme Fiori’s product offering.

With a constant commitment to innovation and eco-sustainability, Diemme Fiori continues on its path of exploring new ways to enrich the daily lives of people, making ‘the scent of nature’ a tangible and appreciated experience by an increasingly broad audience.


Over 30 years of experience in the floriculture industry

Home Fragrance

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Our successes

Diemme Fiori won two awards at the ‘Marca’ 2023 fair in Bologna for its new fragrances, and one at the same fair in 2024.