Our operational locations

Diemme Fiori is divided into two main locations, each dedicated to a different goal.

Main Headquarters Diemme Fiori Export – Regione Periane: This is our central office, the heart of Diemme Fiori’s import-export operations. For over thirty years, thanks to an integrated network of local growers, the use of innovative technologies, and an eco-sustainable approach, we reach over 30 countries worldwide with our dried flowers, ornamental plants, and fresh green and cut flowers.

Production Site for Large-Scale Distribution – Regione Doneghe: Specializing in large-scale distribution, this location fully reflects our commitment to the quality and safety of business processes, as evidenced by ISO 9001 and 28000 certifications. The motto of this location is “Nature in the palm of your hand,” as it symbolizes our mission to bring the authenticity of nature directly to our customers, through 100% natural and eco-sustainable products.


Dried flowers, ornamental plants, green and fresh cut flowers.


We shape our flowers, modeling ornamental plants and creating harmonious bouquets

Chosen Seeds

We use seeds that require little water

Research & Development

Continuous improvement and implementation of eco-sustainability projects


We do not use pesticides or chemical additives


We create customized packaging according to customer needs


We carefully select the best flowers

Extra-Fast Shipping

We ship all the way extra-fast and secure

Diemme Fiori: From Small Family Business to Leading B2B Partner in the Floriculture Sector

Starting as a small family business, Diemme Fiori is now a reliable B2B partner operating worldwide. The company’s growth has enabled it to guarantee impeccable service, ensuring quality and consistency over time and adapting to both large and small clients. Diemme Fiori is committed to providing large quantities, without neglecting those who wish to purchase in smaller volumes, ensuring cost-effective shipments thanks to the scale of its operations.

Careful in selecting local raw materials, Diemme Fiori focuses on local varieties for fresh flowers, ensuring high-quality products thanks to the freshness of the raw materials.

The company strictly follows the seasonality of its products.

The fresh flower season begins in autumn and ends in spring, while ornamental greens are available year-round, with varieties changing according to the season. As for dried and preserved flowers, the cutting and drying period occurs in summer, with availability extending throughout the year. Lastly, preserved products are particularly tied to holidays.

Leveraging its experience in the dried flower sector, Diemme Fiori has recently expanded its activities into mass distribution, further consolidating its market presence.