Lavender bunches

Our dried lavender bunches come from the finest lavender fields in the French Provence. Each bag contains approximately 50g of pure Provençal beauty and fragrance. By closely collaborating with our suppliers, we have eliminated the use of pesticides throughout the entire production chain. We ensure the sanitation of our product through heat cycles that eliminate all contaminants, preserving the integrity of the lavender.

Longevity and Sustainability

Our lavender bunch is the perfect decorative element for your spaces, thanks to its long-lasting nature compared to fresh bouquets. There’s no need to use artificial flowers, which are less attractive and environmentally unfriendly. Dried lavender is a natural and elegant choice.

As a natural product, it’s normal for lavender stems to shed some flowers. We recommend collecting them to create your own natural potpourri. By crushing the fallen flowers, the essential oils are released, spreading a delightful lavender scent.

Lavender is an excellent ally in decorating your spaces, perfectly adapting to any environment. It can be used as a standalone decorative piece or in combination with other dried flowers, such as our lagurus bunches or DIY bouquets.

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