Diemme Day at Villa Nobel: A Continuous Commitment to Team Building and Employee Well-being

Friday evening, in the splendid setting of Villa Nobel, we held the much-anticipated Diemme Day, a special event that marked the conclusion of the first cycle of meetings that lasted about 11 months. Organized by Diemme Fiori, the event saw the enthusiastic participation of employees and their families and was an opportunity to celebrate the company’s growth and cohesion journey.

The evening began with an opening speech by the Di Massa brothers, who emphasized the importance of Diemme Fiori’s commitment to the well-being of its people. Fabio highlighted how this commitment has been an integral part of the company’s philosophy for years and how it will continue to grow over time. He also introduced the team building program conducted with Stefano Gagino of GConsulting, emphasizing the importance of these initiatives for our team.

A central moment of the evening was dedicated to the presentation of certificates of participation to employees who completed the “Fundamentals of Team Building” course, led by Stefano Gagino of GConsulting. This course, lasting nearly a year, provided participants with valuable tools to improve collaboration, communication, and team cohesion.

The Di Massa brothers reiterated their commitment to continue on this path, announcing that the courses with Stefano Gagino will continue, with the aim of further improving employee well-being. Furthermore, it has been decided to introduce a new health insurance plan, a significant step forward in ensuring the health and safety of our employees and their families. This initiative represents our concrete commitment to the well-being of our staff, offering significant and tangible support in their daily lives.

The evening then continued with an outdoor aperitif, where we spent a delightful time together, enjoying good food and excellent company, further strengthening the bonds of teamwork and community.

The Diemme Day event represented a confirmation of Diemme Fiori’s commitment to a positive and supportive work environment. With the promise to continue on this path, the company is preparing for further future initiatives aimed at improving the well-being and quality of life of its employees.

A big thank you goes to everyone who participated and made this evening unforgettable. Diemme Fiori will continue to strive to create a work environment where every individual feels valued and supported.